American Dream Mauntel Realty All listings can also be seen at the following sites: ... American Dream Mauntel Realty is an independently owned and operated Real Estate ...  

Americans Executives Admit Their Salaries are Ridiculous What a remarkable day! We never thought we'd see the likes of it. First, Ben Bernanke appeared in the U.S. Senate, with former Fed governor Paul Volcker by his side, and announced an incredible turnaround in Fed policy. Yes, he said, he and his fellow Fed governors were very concerned about weakness in the financial sector. And yes, they were very sympathetic to all those people who had high mortgage payments to make and all those people who had bought shares in Bear Stearns and other high-fly 

Ameriquest agrees to 3 2 million settlement Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Ameriquest agrees to .2 million settlement (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) About 6,900 Wisconsin homebuyers - five times more than originally thought - are entitled to .2 million restitution from Ameriquest Mortgage Co. for alleged overcharging , the state attorney general said Tuesday. ... 

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An Outstanding Buying Opp From Market Watch: “The market is in further disarray the last two days as a number of muni hedge funds are being forced to liquidate to meet margin calls,” Mark McCray, head of muni bonds at Pimco, said. “The widening of munis versus Treasurys has been a negative and broker dealers have upped their margin requirements for hedge funds,” he explained. “As such these funds are trying to liquidate into this illiquidity.” The crunch in the muni market has left these bonds trading at very attra 

An Update from Globalvision and Dissectorville I wanted to give readers a quick update on some of the projects I am working on as my partner Rory O’Connor and I try to sustain Globalvision’s work in our 21st year as a progressive media company. With the political campaign sucking up so much attention and money, it seems harder than ever to raise ... 

Another Perspective on Renting … this one courtesy of Bill Lublin over at Agent Genius. Bill is a real estate agent in the Philadelphia area: After all, everyone who has a monthly housing expense is paying someone’s mortgage, so it may as well be their own. I’m certain the eternal renters will argue that it’s okay to pay someone else’s mortgage since they’re bearing all the market risk. Those being forced to move in a hurryand bear the expense of the move because their owners have to sell may argue against that, but that’s 

Anyone need a mentor in Minneapolis St Paul Subject: Anyone need a mentor in Minneapolis/St. Paul? Posted: Tue Sep 11, 2007 9:57 pm (GMT -7) I am a Realtor/Investor and have been buying and managing investment property for over 5 years. I currently owns 28 units in 15 buildings including duplexes, 4-plexes, townhomes and single ... 

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