Job Winners and Losers in Hard Times WASHINGTON — Hospitals, schools and the assembly line at an airplane factory look like pretty good places to be with a recession looming and unemployment rising. Construction workers, real estate agents and auto workers aren't expected to fare as well. The startling news that the economy lost 80,000 jobs last month and nearly a quarter-million over the last three months is the starkest signal yet that the country has probably fallen into a recession, with things on the job front expected to ge 

John McCulloch on Housing Arizona Daily Sun Below are council candidate John “Johnny Mac” McCulloch’s complete answers to 10 questions posed by the Arizona Daily Sun on housing issues. 

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Judge puts stop to more Vista Capable insider e mails A federal judge last week granted Microsoft's request to suspend the "Vista Capable" lawsuit while an appeals court reviews her decision to give the case class-action status. The move blocks, for now, any new disclosure of insider e-mails by Microsoft employees, such as the ones made public in February, or the release of internal messages from the nearly 30 companies and people who had been subpoenaed and ordered to deliver documents. In the year-old lawsuit, consumers have charged Microsoft w 

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Key worker mortgages Open Market Homebuy Money Week ... latest idea to get public sector workers on to the property is the Open Market Homebuy ... John Stepek 

KIAMBU A MOMENT OF REALITY It has been many a month since I was in Kiambu. Kiambu, the land of my people; the motherland. So last week, finding the need to wean myself to reality; to set the pace for my re-engagement with the hoi polloi, I set out for Kiambu. Kiambu, being the most affluent of the Kikuyu districts, is without a doubt Kenya's least poverty struck region. But therein lies an irony because Kiambu is easily one of the most unsafe places, in Kenya, to live in. Kiambu is the birthplace of the scum that runs Na 

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