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D C s Voluntary Power Grab In Boston and Washington, D.C. police will soon be going door-to-door, asking to search homes for illegally possessed firearms or drugs. Those found in illegal possession of a firearm (or drugs) will not be charged unless the gun was found to be used in a crime. I’ve been covering this ill-conceived idea for months now on the show, and I’m heartened to see the efforts get some well-deserved criticism. But where is the criticism coming from? Marion Barry, the ACLU, and the New Black Panther Pa 

D R Horton selling homes at big discount during extended sales event Reno Gazette Journal Homebuyers wanting to take advantage of D.R. Horton’s UnAuction Sale still have time. Based on the event’s overwhelming success, 11 participating communities in Nevada and Northern California will extend the no-hassle sale for a limited time only. Homes are reduced up to 40 percent off 2007 prices.  

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D Renting homes 2 d Renting homes e 2 13 December 15th, 2007 5 by c gichavicothi 27 aa7 Also known as the “best professional companies,” it is nestled between the Mountains and the shaw university. Most states reasonably acceptable to the buyer 25. Also, GET check with the attorney general IN WRITING! Sustainable source and entertainment hubs in the country 21. Licensed realtor 3. Appeal of Property General feeling about the area Convenient driving distances to work/school/recreation Possibly family oriente 

Dallas Chicago Federal Home Loan banks end talks Reuters via Yahoo News The Federal Home Loan Bank of Dallas, one of 12 regional mortgage banks chartered by the U.S. government, on Monday said merger talks with the Federal Home Loan Bank of Chicago have been terminated. 

Data Dysprotection breaches reported last week Data “Dysprotection:” breaches reported last week in: Data Protection, Identity Theft, Medical Privacy, Privacy, Privacy Breaches A recap of breaches reported or updated last week on the main news site, As we’ve seen before, some breaches only come to our attention when there is an arrest or indictment; these incidents are listed in the “legal system” section of this recap. As of their last update on April 1, the Identity Theft Resource Center shows 167 breaches reported in  

Dates are important even if you aren t single Dates are important on your blog and in your posts I’m an old (yep old) database programmer. One thing about all of us that predate (pun intended) the “millennium bug”, we want dates. We want those dates in a complete form. Meaning, two digits for the month, two digits for the day and four digits for the year. I put dates in all my blog posts and see to it the publish date is a part of our blogs. Dates are important We are always hearing about how things never disappear from the internet. The 

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