Market Update The Need For Bread Butter Investing Guide Links Independent Remember back when George Bush Sr. was defeated, in large part because people felt he did not address the tough economic conditions that voters faced? In fact, there became a slogan that reminded him "It s the economy, stupid!" Since the voters felt like he did not properly address those issues, he was replaced. As real estate investors, we are facing a similar situation today.. "It s the real estate market, stupid!" Read most any news source and you will rapidly conv 

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Matthew Perry Makes It Modern BUYER: Matthew Perry LOCATION: Carman Crest Drive, Los Angeles, CA PRICE: ,500,000 (asking) SIZE: 2,893 square feet, 3 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms DESCRIPTION: Presenting a spectacular modern home with soaring mountain, city & ocean views...Full floor master suite, white terrazzo floors, disappearing walls of glass, state-of-the-art audio, visual and security systems, chef's kitchen, pool/spa. Architecturally stunning and luxuriously appointed, this home is life in L.A. as imagined. YOUR MAMA 

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McCain on the Economy When it comes to the economy we can pretty much give Senator John McCain an F for Forgetaboutit! (New York City Accent) McCain’s idea about dealing with the current troubles and economic collapse is to leave all options on the table? That’s a great sound bite but means absolutely nothing. It’s tantamount to telling a dead man in a car crash directions to the hospital. Do I believe that John McCain is serious about rescuing our nation from the current economic downturn? No, I don’t! Apparently 

McCain s Economics Part Two Are you big enough for a bailout At the risk of turning this blog from policy to economics for the second day in a row, there does seem to be reason for more analysis of our present economic situation that extends far beyond the failed mortgage operations from Las Vegas, NV to Miami, FL. The first reason to delve a bit more deeply is that we’ve covered some of this territory before; during the Savings and Loan bailouts of the late 1980s, and with the Fed bailout of LTCM in 1998. The second reason is that presumptive heir to the 

McSame on the Housing Mess So St. McCain just gave a speech on the housing mess, where he appeared to know the general outlines of the situation, but in essence his solution was "Let's have a meeting." It sounds fine on the surface but there's literally nothing behind it. Howard Dean had this to say: Just as he doesn't know the difference between Iraq's Sunnis and Shiites, John McCain today showed that he doesn't understand the economy, the mortgage crisis, or its impact on America's families and communities. Instead of  

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