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Pages: Eavesdrop on a kinky chat with my BF [1]
Author Topic: Eavesdrop on a kinky chat with my BF

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2015-06-17 5-10-11-

Eavesdrop on a kinky chat with my BF HIM: Want to be home with you. HER: Soon, honey. Soon. HIM: a little over x weeks. HER: We can totally do this HIM: Definitely. Especially if I can sneak off with you regularly. HER: omg regularly!? YES please. I would be okay withmore session like last night. But more of them would be most wonderful. HIM: As much as possible! My orgasm this morning was incredible. HER: Gosh I wish I coulda seen/tasted that! HIM: I started oozing out long before I began 'ejaculating' HER: mmmmmmmmmmmmm HIM: God fucked women , I can't wait to explore you inside and out. HER: Me neither with you. I'm going to probe and lick every inch of you! HIM: Aaaahhhhhhh......I want you to probe me. HER: I want to probe you. I know you mentioned wanting me to horny girls tonite you before you left, but I want to feel you first, then I'll horny nude women away... HIM: I want you to putfingers in my ass and play me like your puppet. HER: ahhhhh yes. that's what I want to do. I also want to do it while your legs are tied up to my headboard so that your fuck for forest at the waist with your cock pointed at your face so that when you cum, you give yourself a cum facial. Whattaya think of that?
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2015-08-25 11-24-16

continued HIM: Oh my god. Let's do it. But there's onlyfear I have. HER: ? HIM: My testicles receding. HER: because of the position? HIM: It freaks me out. I know it's not dangerous or anything, but it's just freaky. HER: What if I leave your hands free so you can hold onto them... HIM: I'd actually like to maybe get more comfortable with it. HER: What makes them do that? HIM: Or what you could do is tie a thin rope around my balls, holding them distended. HER: Mmmmmm gladly. Shoelace. HIM: It's just sort of a cavern that the balls recede up into. ebony sex dating , I want to masturbate right now, but I can't. HER: twitch twitch. Edging yourself? HIM: Okay, so shoelace around my balls, holding them tight and firm, distended away from my body. I'm laying sort of on my women wanting a cock with my legs up in the air above me. HER: yes. beautiful. god-like gorgeousness HIM: You're sucking my cock ferociously, lovingly, getting your drool all over me. HER: And that's just the warmup! HIM: And you start doing the counting game.
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2016-03-30 5-09-43-

continued again HER: Gosh I love that game. when you cum, the number I'm at is the number of thrusts my fingers will take in your ass. HIM: Meanwhile, you have your fingers in my well-lubed asshole, which is stretching and opening more and more, sucking more and more fingers in, deeper and deeper. HER: I'll put the plug in while I'm doing the counting game...pressing on it a bit each time. The fingers will enter after you've cum. I want to see if I can get you hard again. HIM: You can put your fingers in with the plug also. And when I cum...You keep jacking me off, continuing the motion, squeezing, but not cutting off the flow, as I spray hot delicious cum all over my face. HER: oh. my. god. HIM: wow. I've never cummed on my own face before. HER: I've never seen anybody do it either. I think it'll be the sexiest thing EVER. I'll lick it off ya. HIM: Actually I think I did once, when I was a teen. That same position. HER: I know if I were a guy, I'd be trying all sortsa things like that. HIM: Yeah. But for this one, I want to really cum all over my face. HER: do you remember anything about when you did it before? HIM: I remember it was the first time I noticed the testicle thing. HER: Hm. HIM: And I remember I didn't quite get it on my face. More like my local people wanting sex and chest. HER: yeah....aiming is difficult. HIM: You'll help me with that part. HER: But wherever on you that it lands, I'll lick up. Wherever it lands elsewhere is up to you. ;D HIM: haha I'll keep the towel handy.
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    2016-04-06 13-02-18

    continued once more HER: Gosh, I love you. You're such a sweet little secretly dirty boy. HIM: Sshhh..... HER: I think that's another major thing I love about sharing you with others (whether I'm present or not) - because I know that those others are let in on that secret. And it's such a delicious secret. HIM: Yummmmm.....You had a fantasy that you wrote out recently, right? HER: No, I haven't done so yet. But now I've got some great fodder. HIM: Send me something, anything! HER: I'll do so tonight. Promise! HIM: Can I get a sneak sex chat arab right now? :* HER: hehehehe of what? Of me? Actually, I could sneak into Boss's office and take a sex scarborough real quick... HIM: YES! And tell me your most recent fantasizations in summary. HER: ok. Hold on... HER: girls who want sex today in london coming HIM: you might have to send via hot and horney , as my phone might have issues with adult findafriend HER: I can only send via birkenhead web cam porn . I left my phone home. HIM: ah HER: old trucks hot girls for the fantasy. HIM: Mmmmm....... HER: Hmmmm Since I can still feel the pinch on my nips, I'll start there. You have me tied up in a TwoKnottyBoys knot I watched recently, with my arms in a rope sleeve behind my back. Helpless, you're applying x clothespins to each nipple:in the center behind the nip, andon each side. Then you move lower and pinch the sides of my torso so that you can apply clothespins there too - both sides. Moving even lower, you placeclothespin on my clit, being careful to make sure the circular hole surrounds my now engorged clit so that it's holding it erect rather than cutting off the circulation. Then you clip x pins on each labia to hold the lips open
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