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Author Topic: My wife 1

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2012-04-25 16-19-59

My wife x I'm trying to figure out what's my next step here. I mean, I know what I WANT to do - and I know what I'll probably end up doing. I'm just not for sure it's what I really ought to be doing - or if that even mrs. Me and my wife live in a little town in the middle of nowhere. We've been married more than twenty years; that's more than half of my life. Nothing wild and crazy ever happens in these parts - everyone's either too religious or else too sensible. Besides, this is a really little town, and everybody knows everybody else. Our sex life is boring; almost non-existant. She's let herself get all fat and frumpy and doesn't even try to look good for me anymore. She hasn't worn anything except for t-shirts and sweat pants in so long I can't remember. She doesn't wear make-up anymore, not even a little lipstick, and she wears her hair in a little knot at the back of her head like the old women who work in the library. I mostly get myself off these days; I don't know what she does. I work in a garage with a bunch of other horndogs. Most of 'em are single guys who keep the rest of us entertained with talk of their bedtime antics. Us married guys don't have a lot to talk about. Once in awhile if I have a little extra time and a little extra money, I drive into town and buy me a piece of tail. I usually go for crack whores because they're cheapest and they don't like to talk. They'll do it in the truck, which saves me paying for a room. Mostly I get blow jobs from them because I worry about picking up crabs. I worry about getting the clap, too - but what the hell ? I mean, a guy's got needs . . . I got to learn to be more careful though - last time I was with a girl, she somehow stole my wallet while my dick was in her mouth. I didn't lose much cash and we don't have any credit cards, but I had to pay to get another copy of my driver's licence and I lost the last photo I had of my mother. I really don't do it that often, anyway. These days, who's got extra money for stuff like that ? There's gotta be a better solution. I'd like to find me a woman I could fuck regularly -that's clean and not too crazy. I've looked, but noaround here seems to fit the bill.
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2013-02-11 22-54-25

My Wife x One of the guys at the garage has a computer. We all go over to his trailer once a week or so to drink beer and check out a few websites. My favorite isthat hooks couples up with other people who are looking for sex. I've been going there for a couple of weeks and last week I found something really tasty. This guy Gene puts up a posting and a pic of his lovely wife (and when I say "lovely", I ain't kidding - Laura's a real live looker) Here's the ad: "My wife loves to fuck and suck cocks and I love to share her with strangers. Sometimes we meet up with guys in public places. She has huge titties and big sensitive nipples and a tight shaved pussy. We're looking for a guy to play with us tonight. We are checking into the Days Inn tonight and she will be doing the slut thing while I watch. The photo that went with along with the posting was awesome. Laura had a real pretty face and a set of incredible jugs; they were huge and soft-looking and the biggest nipples I had ever seen. The picture was taken of her in his truck in front of the Walmart.. I have to admit I'd never had the opportunity to touch titties like hers before. Just thinking about it made my dick rock hard. I answered their ad right away. They answered back a little while later and we made arrangements to meet up the next evening. I went home and told my wife I was going to be home late the next night because I was going out drinking with the guys after we finished work. Instead, I high-tailed it over to the Days Inn and met Gene and Laura in their room. I was a little nervous, but it was obvious they'd done this a lot of times and were completely comfortable with the whole thing. Pretty soon, they made me feel comfortable, too. The bourbon I was tossing back might have had something to do with it, as well. Laura said she was a clean freak and suggested I take a nice hot shower; she said it'd help me relax and unwind a little. me paranoid, but I made sure I took all my stuff in the bathroom with me and carefully locked the door. I mean, maybe they were psychos wanting to kill me and leave my naked body in the shower; I didn't know. At the very least, maybe my wallet would disappear again. I didn't really know anything about these people and I was taking no chances.
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    2013-12-22 15-20-34

    My Wife x But of course nothing happened. And when I came out of the shower, they'd dimmed the lights and Laura was laying in bed. Gene was sitting in a chair by the bed. The lights were dim, but I could see that he was naked and I got a little uncomfortable again. After all, I didn't spend much time in the company of naked men. Laura threw back the covers and invited me into bed with her. The light on the beside table was where the only light in the room was coming from. I got a good look at her body and was immediately in awe of it. She was beautiful; round and curvy. Her skin was milky white. I couldn't believe how soft it looked. She laughed and patted the sheet and told me to please get in bed because she was getting cold. So I did. I laid down next to her and was amazed that her skin was even softer and smoother than it looked. And she smelled really good; even her hair smelled clean and good. It was long and dark brown and wavy and looked incredible against her white skin. And those breasts ! She really was so beautiful she literally took my breath away. I'd never, ever touched a woman like her before. She truly was like a Goddess. I buried my head in the soft flesh of her neck. I felt her mash those magnificent breasts into my chest and my dick was half-way there already. She raised my face to hers and kissed me square on the mouth. Her lips were soft and warm against my own. As we kissed, I let my hands roam over her body. I was surprized that her response was so immediate and so enthusiastic. Her hot tongue darted in and out of my mouth. I liked how the cheeks of her ass were round and jiggly in my hands. My dick was so hard it was starting to hurt. I moved my hands up to her breasts. She moaned as soon as I touched her nipples. So I lowered my mouth to her breasts and started licking them and sucking on the nipples. She moaned again and I felt her breathing change. I could feel her melting in my hands. That was pretty cool because I couldn't remember ever making any woman feel like that before. She made me feel totally awesome.
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  • drenth

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    2014-10-17 18-51-52

    My Wife x I touched tentatively between her soft white thighs and to my surprize, she was already sopping wet. Her pussy felt funny because there was no hair on it and I'd never had a shavedbefore. Her bald cunt was really slick andof my fingers slid inside it easily. They went in way deep. She made a funny little noise way down deep in her throat. I wanted her so bad my belly was churning. And then she rolled me over on my back and got on top of me and spread her legs. She lowered herself onto my hard dick and started pumping. The muscles in her cunt were gripping my cock and holding it tight; squeezing it. I'd never been fucked like this before and was moaning and groaning and splashing the insides of her snatch full of my hot cum much quicker than I'd intended to. Laura was there right behind me. She screamed into my ear as she grabbed my butt and slammed her cunt against me. I felt the spasms rip through her body before she collapsed against me. A couple of seconds later, I heard Gene have an orgasm, too. Damn ! I'd totally forgotten he was there. And then Laura was sitting up in bed laughing and suggesting we and order a couple of pizzas and then all have a shower and go at it again. Sounded good to me. Gene agreed. As Laura got out of bed, I couldn't help but admire her fine ass. I also couldn't help but notice how small Gene's weiner was. Really - it was miniscule. No wonder he liked to watch. Laura ed for pizzas and Gene got dressed and went out for more booze while I was in the shower. He returned about the same time Laura got out of the shower. He took a quickbefore the pizzas got there. Again, it was obvious they'd done this before; they had the whole routine down pat. It was seamless. And then the pizza was there. Gene paid the delivery guy. I tried to give him some money, but he told me to keep my money. We watched the news on tv and drank beer while we ate.
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    2015-09-10 15-18-08

    My Wife x Then Gene said he was ready again if we were. Laura winked at me and smiled and said she was. Woah ! I could definitely do her again, so I said to count me in. She laid down in the bed again. He sat down in the chair again. And I got in bed and laid down next to her again. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close to her and kissed me on the mouth again - and we were off and running. This woman was fucking fantastic ! She was my dream fuck come true. She was rubbing her body up and down against mine. I loved the silken feel of her skin against my skin. I kissed her mouth, her neck, her shoulders, her belly . . . and continued to work myself downwards . . . all the way down to her hairless pussy. I grabbed her ass and held on tight. She must have felt my breath against her clit because she opened her legs for me. I got a close-up of her shaved cunt and I must say it was splendid. I'd never seen anything like it in my life. Her big fat spongy clit was right there in my line of vision. I stuck my tongue out and with just the very tip of it, I licked her big clit. She pushed her slick bald cunt in my face and made a happy little noise and I then heard Gene clearing his throat a couple of times and moving around in the chair, I guessed to get a better look. Gene . . . . oh, yeah . . . her husband was sitting there watching me eat his gorgeous wife out . . . unbelievable, huh ? Stuff like this never happened to ordinary guys like me. I slid my tongue all around her slick shaved cunt, stopping every now and then to suck on her clit. We both liked it when I pulled it into my mouth and sucked on it. I heard Gene breathing hard and was guessing he was liking it, too. I kept licking and sucking on Laura's clit until she came, which happened pretty fast.
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