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Pages: Jonny Weir, figure skater extraordinaire. [1]
Author Topic: Jonny Weir, figure skater extraordinaire.

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2011-01-30 15-58-03

Jonny Weir, figure skater extraordinaire. Last night I was flippin' channels, and came across a figure skating competition. Jonny Weir totally blew my mind. I got goose bumps watching his performance. I was also totally certain he's gay. I was like "You GO Jonny Queer! You strike for the good guys!" He skated to an original, full orchestra piece written by a friend for him specifiy for his performance. It was about struggle between good and evil. Very heavy, dark and romantic. His deliciously over the top costume was white on side, with feathers, and black on the other. The white and black sides were held together with corset like stitching. A red sequined bleeding, broken heart joined the halves. His costume was also designed by a friend. His style was so dramatic, so exaggerated and beautiful. I am such a fan now. I was curious - is Jonny out? Does he really play for the gay team? I discovered many articles like this one: I chose this for the pictures. Enjoy :) I completely understand why he deflects the inquiries about his sexuality - he correctly states that it's not relevant to his skating career. And it isn't; but then why do so many people care if he is?
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2011-01-31 5-48-10-

I'm pretty sure this is what I watched last night: I can't turn the sound on at work, so I'm not completely sure.
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2011-01-31 19-17-39

Nice, very nice. Thanks for posting that, FD
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  • osso

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    2011-01-31 21-34-53

    yes, that's the program he did last night - only performed at a different competition, so probably not identical. I have trouble with the Is-Johny-Queer issue. Figure skating is *entrenched* deeply in gender roles. Asking a teenager on the national and world scale to be comfortably out? That's asking a lot. That said, his program (and Evan Lysachek's) had me riveted last night. You'll never see such a close finish again. I totally adored Johnny's program. I do think that the analyses are probably correct - that the finish came down to a better more techniy complex and well executed footwork sequence by Evan. You gotta love when a competition comes down to something other than clean jumps, yanno? The gender stuff in skating is just amazing. I am a competitive skater (though decades older than what you see on TV - so in no way am I ever headed to Nationals, Worlds, or the Olympics LOL). Up until a few years ago, it was literally not allowed for a woman to wear pants in a skating competition - by the national governing body. Now, women in pairs or singles skating can, but in dance teams still cannot. Add onto that the layers of gender stuff - not many boys in sport, of those that are a high %age are gay, of the women, very few are lesbian - I can count on hand the number of out adult dyke figure skaters in the country - well, it's just a complicated picture of wishing a kid was out, yanno?
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    2011-02-03 12-04-30

    Yes, it's true. It's certainly not a criticism towards Jonny that he's not out, but towards the jerks who make it incredibly difficult for him to be out, when after watching him for 30 seconds I was so sure about his queerness. It's not right that someone who's so wonderfully, delightfully queer can't be officially "out" and is roundly criticized for being too feminine. Unfortunately, I missed Evan's performance. I'll have to look it up tonight - I hope it'll be posted on you tube. I feel that there are types of "being" that are celebrated - being a femme woman, or being a burly man. If you're either of these things, your expression will be admired and celebrated. But if you're anything else, a boyish woman, a girlish man etc. you're not celebrated, even if you celebrate yourself. I saw a young man celebrate his art and give so much of himself into his performance. I was totally moved. It was amazing and it deserves to be celebrated. I'm not saying that someone who's queer should be celebrated just because they are queer and doing something amazing - a person's sexuality generally doesn't link into whatever competitive sport they're in. For Jonny Weir, his queerness flowed through his performance. Because he threw himself completely into it, who he is came out of it. It was wonderful. I think there's a point when performance artists become their art instead of merely performing art. When they were talking about what technical aspect was going to be a tie-breaker, I was thinking that there's a point when a performance transcends competition, and you just have to step back and admire the beauty of the work instead of scrutinizing every brush stroke, trying to decide whether the Monet is better than the Kandinsky. Alas, that's not what professional skating is about. But I digress. I guess what I'm struggling to say is that I felt like Jonnys very character enhanced his performance. People should admire him and be in awe of him. It's absurd to criticize him because he's not burly. Of COURSE he's not burly - A burly man couldn't pull off what Jonny can!
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  • Veriee

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    2011-02-03 20-03-21

    I concur entirely And nor was I criticizing you in particular ;) his performance was electrifying - precisely for what you say - he was so utterly "present" in it. My favorite favorite thing about skating at the Gay Games in 06 was how all the gender roles were suddenly fluid - on ice. It was truly a life-changing experience for me. There were some phenomenal queer performances - by both men and women. Seeing men skating queerly and comfortably, and women too, was just - cool. To add to your argument below, there are some very "athletic" (think karate, etc.) almost burly skaters who guess what - get tromped on and criticized for being - not lyrical enough. Pretty much sucks any way you look at it.
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    2011-02-04 6-50-52-

    here you go - Evan Lysacek's Tosca program, performed earlier this year so probably not quite as good ;)
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  • chronister

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    2011-02-04 15-24-49

    thank you! I got busy last night - but I'll watch it tonight!
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