Latest Rate Cut Could Energize Housing Market Real Estate US The Federal Reserve's lasted cut in interest rates is welcome news for homebuyers and anyone looking to refinance their mortgage. ... Australia Central Bank Leaves Rates Unchanged ...  

Latest Updates About NYAG FreddieMac FannieMae Agreement Check for the latest updates pertaining to the March 3, 2008, agreement between Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac, New York Attorney General, and the Office of Federal Housing Enterprise Oversight ( OFHEO ). Appraisal Instutute News and Advocacy See also prior article: Home Valuation Code of Conduct To ... 

Latino homebuyers face uphill battle in effort to keep homes March 23, 2008 By CARLOS VILLATORO For Francisco Zapien, the deal was too good to be true. In October of 2006, Zapien signed a contract for a home on Bryan Avenue in Napa. The 0,000 mortgage he was approved for required no down payment. Today Zapien, who has worked at Silverado Farming Company as ... 

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Latinos and the Clinton Obama Vote in the Ohio What is my heart telling me? February 20, 2008 By Rubén Castilla Herrera As an American, Latino and Ohioan I have been following the Clinton/Obama race with great interest. I find that I am painfully struggling on who I will vote for on the March 4th Ohio primary.  I know I am not supporting the Republican ... 

Lawmakers Lawrence nonprofit has model plan to stave off foreclosures Eagle Tribune Online LAWRENCE — Lawrence CommunityWorks has a plan to help those facing foreclosure — buy their homes and rent them back to the owner with the option to buy. 

Lawrence Yun and the NAR call on their paid poodles in Congress to give a 5 000 tax credit to any fool stupid enough to buy a house Lawrence Yun is an idiot. Now he wants to get housing demand flowing again (while stimulating realtor commissions of course) not by the traditional means of lowering prices, but by bribing buyers with a tax credit. Here's a suggestion Lawrence - IT'S CALLED LOWER THE DAMN PRICES. You want demand (and realtor commissions) to return? You might want to check out the relationship between demand and price. They taught you that in your Econ 101 class at Purdue, right? We know you read HP, so plea 

Lawrence Yun Proposes Federal Dollars to Grease Home Buying Lawrence Yun proposes federal government dollars to grease home buying. What is critically needed at this important point in the housing cycle is a measure to assuredly and quickly raise home buying activity. This can be accomplished by providing a homebuyer tax-credit. A nationwide ,000 tax credit (the same amount currently in existence for homebuyers in Washington, D.C.) will cost the federal government billion. If factoring in rising economic activity and accompanying rising tax revenu 

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