Property Tax Relief The Guv got a cut didn t you Looking at the records for the Mitch Daniels' old residence, which I believe may still be on the market, it looks like the Governor did alright for himself after the reassessment: Nearly a 5% cut that amounts to just over ,000 in savings. Hooray tax savings! But wait, says Tim Evans of the Star, because not everyone is feeling the warm, fuzzy embrace of these new assessed values. For some in Marion County, most notably those in Center Township, the new assessed values actually raised the 

Prospective Homebuyers Rebuilding Neighborhoods and Preserving Diversity Through Affordable Housing WASHINGTON DC'S LEADING NONPROFIT DEVELOPER OF AFFORDABLE HOUSING FOR HOMEOWNERSHIP SINCE ...  

PS Homebuyers Club We re here to help If you are like most homebuyers, you probably have lots of questions and you struggle to find simple, easy to understand answers. Don't worry, the Puget Sound Homebuyers Club can ...  

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Quadrant Homes Easy Buy Program Special Financing on New Home Special financing, low interest rates, and closing cost credits for Quadrant Homes communities throughout Puget Sound ...  

Questions criticisms surround Connolly foreclosure proposal The Washington Examiner Fairfax County Chairman Gerry Connolly's proposal to use county housing funding to buy foreclosed homes and sell them at a lower cost is beginning to draw criticism from both sides of the political aisle. 

Quick Let Me Search Your Home For Guns Before The Supreme Court Tells Me They Are Legal Anyway Yoicks & Away! The hounds of deliverance are upon us! The Washington D.C. Examiner offers editorial comment upon the current door-to-door D.C. visit by police seeking guns! "WASHINGTON (Map, News) - If the U.S. Supreme Court seemed on the verge of finding the D.C. government guilty of violating its citizens’ First Amendment rights, would the D.C. police be going door to door looking for printing presses to confiscate? Of course not. It would be unthinkable. Civil libertarians would be — t 

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